Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Virtual Exploration: Gigapixel photography

Greg Downing of xRez Studios in Santa Monica will be joining Digital Past 2013 via live streaming on Wednesday 20th February! This is an exciting first for the conference, and allows us to bring specialist speakers from across the world to the DP audience without costing the earth (financially or environmentally!).

xRez studio image 

Greg will be presenting about his pioneering work in bringing the field of gigapixel photography from the world of academia, to an affordable and easy to use technique benefiting a wide range of applications and markets. In contrast to normal panaromic photography, which involves stiching together relatively few standard resolution images together, gigapixel photography takes multiple photographs which can be up to 300,000 pixels in width, stitching them together to form an image with an enoromus amount of detail, allowing unsurpassed online viewing and exploration. For more information and case studies of Greg's work go to the xRez Studio website.

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