Friday, 8 February 2013

MonmouthpediA - A local project with global interest or 'The coolest project of 2012'

MonmouthpediA is a local innovations project which has grown quickly to global interest, being cited as 'the coolest project of 2012' by the wikipedian community. Conceived by a Monmouth resident, the project aims to cover every single notable place, person, artefact, plant, animal and othe things in Monmouth town in as many languages as possible, with a special focus on the Welsh language. Jointly co-created and funded by Monmouthshire County Council and wikimedia UK, the former has also funded the free town-wide Wi-Fi for the project - the first in Wales!

Mike Booth of The Shire Hall, Monmouth County Council and Joanna Goodwin, Digital Communities Co-ordinator, CMC2 will be talking about how the project was conceived and delivered, the impact it has had and the challenges it has brought.

For the full abstract click here.

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